PokerKing Is a Scam

I was unable to withdraw over $800 from this site Logo

They Do Not Honor Withdrawals

If you deposit money into, you will not be able to withdraw. They will just cancel it without providing any reasons or messages. Doesn't Let You Withdraw

They Will Always Reject Your ID

When you try to verify your ID, no matter how clear the picture is, they will reject it by saying it’s not high enough quality. will reject your ID

Their Support Contact Form Doesn’t Work

If you try to contact them through their website, the form gets stuck on “Please Wait…” and your message never goes through. customer support form doesn't work

Their Live Chat is a bad/cheap AI live chat is a very bad AI chatbot

If you email them, they just say you didn’t play enough

I played for over 20 hours and it still wasn’t enough to cash out, since when is there a minimum amount of play to withdraw your own money? I didn’t take any bonuses or anything.

Their email is [email protected] even though this email isn’t listed anywhere on their website.

They will say you didn't play enough until you lose everything

Were you also scammed by Share your story below to prevent others from getting scammed.


3 responses to “PokerKing Is a Scam”

  1. Jeremiah Avatar

    YES!! GOD I wish I read this website before I put my money on there. Exactly the same thing that happened to you, happened to me…

    Eventually I kept playing until I lost everything. I wished they let me cash out. I am so angry!

    1. Evan Avatar

      Yup sadly this scam is common, beware and avoid all WPN network sites, they also are full of bots.

  2. Grinder21 Avatar

    Saw this post on reddit, everyone gets burned by wpn once then never again

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